Sunday, 27 March 2011

Nesting Part II

Well here at BBHQ we've swapped one set of organising for another, the nesting is in full swing and shows no sign of slowing down! See we never were ones to pack light and the packing of our hospital bags has posed us with somewhat of a challenge!!

We have arm fulls of of gorgeous things to pack sonhow singly decide, the only thing that is certain is the Lucozade and snacks (and Lisa would pack those even if there wasnt a baby on the way)! Our current obsession is one bag or two?!

With family and friends regularly showing up with armfuls of unwanted delicious baby clothes we'll need a whole new luggage set to match. Why the short stay in hospital can't be a family getaway to the bahamas we'll never know - that's something we can pack for!

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  1. Hello Girls. Just checking in on you now that you have shut up shop. I shall so miss you in that respect. Glad you are blogging though so that we can keep up with what you are doing.
    Love Shirley.