Friday, 6 May 2011

Stashbuster Quilt Tutorial

We've had a few people asking if we could repost our "Stashbuster" quilt tutorial from our old blog - unfortunately we lost the main content of it when we moved sites but we think we've recovered enough to post it again! So if like us you have indulged in a bit of stash building of late you might like to use this pattern to wade through a few of those fat quarters and make room for the new ones you’ve bought during the silly sales season!
It only takes 9 fats so most of us won’t even know they’re gone and if you’re one of those people who doesn’t think they can BEAR to cut up certain fabrics then this is a great way to showcase them. It is super duper quick as well.   

First things first take your FQ's and cut them up so you have five pieces like the diagram below...

 Now start making your blocks using a different fabric for each numbered piece below stitiching them together as per the diagram below...
Keep going until you have stitched all the fabric pieces together - at the end you should have nine blocks! Shuffle the blocks about turning them and placing them in a pleasing arrangement of 3x3. Stitch the blocks together first to make three rows then stitch the rows together to complete the top.

We cheated a bit with the backing so that gives us a perfect opportunity to tell you about a little money and time saving trick (not a trick actually, just an idea). We found these gorge little fleecey throws for a mere £3.99 each in a local mill shop.

They make a lovely backing for these lap quilts and of course you don’t need to use wadding with them. Purists/sensible people will tell you that as they’re not 100% cotton they will not wash in the same way as the top of the quilt but to be honest if you are careful and don’t boil wash and tumble dry at "surface of the sun" heat we think you’ll be ok. So we reckon this little beaut only cost about £22 max (loads less if you’re sale shopping!)

We’re a bit hooked on this one and are aiming big for the next one – maybe four times the size for a fantastic bed cover….hmmmmm…..

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