Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Popping Pills

Now since we've been pregnant we've noticed how you just seem to cope when you can't grab the nearest ibuprofen to get rid of that niggle and we've been quite surprised how your body looks after itself. So imagine my surprise when today I met my Nemsis, 31 weeks in!

Yes the humble Hyacinth which I lovingly potted for my dining room this weekend!

The flowers are in full bloom and have given me such a headache I'm reaching for the paracetamol for the 1st time in 7 months! Why can something so pretty be so mean? I normally love these flowers as they mean Spring is here!

For now though, alas, they've been demoted to the Garden!

At least I can still see them!
Lisa xx


  1. I am the same with daffodils :(

  2. Hyancinths are one of the worst flowers and most ladies who do the flowers for churches know never to use them, they bring on an asthma attack for me if I'm near them too long - shame as I love the look of them