Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hi Everyone,

Some of the more observant of you might have that we've moved from Typepad to Blogger! We wanted to keep a place where we could stay in touch with you all and keep sharing all the WIP's & UFO's we'll create over the coming months whilst trying to juggle our impending motherhood and our hobbies!!

We might be quiet for a little while as May is going to be quite eventful with us both getting ready to meet the new little men in our lives - aren't we just organised down to the minute timing that so well?

We want to thank everyone that supported us during the past few years whilst we ran "Buttonberry" and hope that you all stay in touch.

Best Wishes,
Lisa & Emma

1 comment:

  1. Hello! I'm trying to find your Stashbuster Quilt pattern that I've made at least 1,000 times and it is GONE from the net :( Could you please repost it here, on your new blog :) I used to send people to your old blog all the time to find it and was going to send them again, but the page is too old now. I love that pattern so much because it is simple to sew, quick and looks so great.
    thanks...a loyal fan